Some lay people (widows, single women, couples) commit themselves as oblates of our monastery to live in the world according to the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict. There are close links between the community and the oblates which provide mutual support in our following of Christ.

Lay Oblates

Oblates have been a part of community since its foundation bringing together women of all ages and standings in life (widowed, single, married, separated or divorced). They met regularly at the monastery for a time of retreat and became a source of support and confidence for each other. Each one tries to live out their commitment in the concrete circumstances of their lives.

Married oblates

In 2002 some couples who were close to our community also received the call to become oblates. This dual vocation unifies the spiritual life of the couple and strengthens their sacrament of marriage. Oblate couples come to the monastery for renewal, to join in the liturgies, a conference and share their experiences of the church.